Pierce the Veil

Pierce the Veil



On the way home from a gig with his band, Derek Boone dies. Then, miraculously, doctors manage to revive him, using new cutting-edge technology. He’s alive, but in a coma.

Months later Boone wakes into a world of blurred visions and danger. The memories of that accident are incomplete. He experiences them in strange flashbacks he calls “bruised memories.” And he’s not the only one. A deranged cult made up of men and women who’ve had near death experiences begins to harass him, wanting to know what he experienced, and a dangerous agent from a religious organization wants him to tell his story… if that story is the one the church needs. Otherwise, they want him dead.

Finally, while on a talk show with others who have had similar experiences, a gunman opens fire on the entire panel. Escaping with his life, Boone is on the run from New Jersey to the Adirondack mountains, desperately seeking his own truth, even if it leads him into the hands of an enemy.

His experience could change everything and leave the world’s religions in shambles.

If he remembers…


The Big Thrill: Pierce the Veil With David Simms


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Pierce the Veil Cover - By David SimmsPierce the Veil
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