The sound of the snare, the scream of an unsuspecting victim-the deadliest part of a trap is not knowing you’re in one until it’s too late! Featuring top-shelf terror and a rogues’ gallery of twisted tales by some of the genre’s best writers.

Contributors include:

Del Howison, P.D. Cacek, Nancy Kilpatrick, Rhys Hughes, Paul Finch, Hal Bodner, Wendy Brewer, L.L. Soares, J.M. Heluk, David Simms, John Dimes, K.K., Mark Rigney, Tracy L. Carbone, Cody Goodfellow, Lisa Mannetti, Scott T. Goudsward, Gregory L. Norris, A.E. Martineau, T. Rex Arm├ęs, Flo Stanton, Lorne Dixon, Caroline Allen, Elizabeth Blue, Martel Sardina, Lyn C.A. Gardener, Sarah Totton, Dan Foley

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