Ameri-Scares: New Jersey: The Curse of the Barrens

Ameri-Scares: New Jersey: The Curse of the Barrens



Dominic Riley moves to Forked River with his grandmother to start anew. His own life was a mess, getting into trouble at school, getting bullied, and never quite fitting in. His new life at Forked River Middle School isn’t off to a great beginning. His new friend, Tobias Forren, carries with him a curse—or at least that’s what the other students say.

Yet deep in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, something stirs. For centuries, it has terrorized the people of the region. Many believe it to be a creature that shouldn’t exist, an abomination of nature. For many in the state, the legend of the Jersey Devil is far more than just a story. It’s a curse to be passed on from one generation to the next.

Tobias also has a strange gathering of pets, ones that take to the sky every night on dark wings, reminding him of the destiny his bloodline faces. Dominic’s grandmother forbids the friendship as something terrible happened to her years ago with Tobias’ family.

The curse is calling for a new victim—Tobias. Can Dom and he find a cure in time?


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Ameri-Scares: The Curse Of The BarrensAmeri-Scares: New Jersey: The Curse of the Barrens
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