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Welcome to the World of the Dark Muse & other stories! Come on in and enter - a world of music and wonder await. Check out the music videos for the songs within the novel and learn about the contest to win great prizes, including finding yourself a character in the next book! Join the Accidentals - Muddy, Poe, Otis, Corey, and Silver Eye as they venture into a strange world of wonder and horror. Travel with them as they seek to save Muddy's brother and survive the beasts and trials that threaten them at every turn. Learn who the Dark Muse is and what the River's powers can do. Thank you for visiting and enjoy everything the website has to offer. PLEASE feel free to email me at any time.

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3 weeks ago

David Simms

Going on strike - no more shaving these feet or pedicures until FEAR THE REAPER gets 100 reviews. It's been awhile. ... See MoreSee Less

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A Terrifying Truth Hiding in a Novel - Fear The Reaper

A Terrifying Truth Hiding in a Novel - Fear The Reaper

Ten percent. That’s the number of the population deemed unfit to belong. In Fear the Reaper (Macabre Ink) by David Simms, this frightening novel recounts the American Eugenics Movement in the 1930s, a dark secret in our country’s history. What is scary as hell about this novel is that the American Eugenics Movement was real, during the early 20th century, The Movement formed groups such as The Race Betterment Foundation, The Euthanasia Society of America, the American Breeder’s Association, and the Eugenics Records Office. Funded by a society of American millionaires, powerful leaders of industry, and public officials, the program’s goal was to eliminate the most unfit 10 percent of the population. The New York Times even published articles to gain the support of the American people and make The Movement mainstream. Across America, The Society earmarked people who poisoned the American population—those withdisabilities, people with lower intelligence, criminals, and even those whose only crime was poverty. Because they believed these characteristics were passed from one generation to the next, sterilization and euthanasia were logical remedies. Horrifyingly, The Movement was also a model for Hitler’s Aryanization program. Fear the Reaper brings to life this disturbing era in American society, one I didn’t know existed. As the world learned from Nazi Germany, “when a man plays God, the glint of the devil shines in his eyes.” We all know of Hitler’s appalling acts, but that was far away, across an ocean. In this novel, Simms gives us evidence that the same can happen on American soil—it already did. This book hammers home a reminder: Americans must vigilantly protect every person’s right to equality and freedom. We must always Fear the Reaper.

A nice mix of story, rock music, and mythology - Dark Muse

In Dark Muse, Simms uses story, setting, classic music, and characters to weave a powerful and well-structured lyrical fairy tale fraught with danger, choices, and young innocent love amidst the realities of prejudice and broken families. The unconventional “special needs” characters prove their strength and resilience as they use their musical ability and instruments to battle murderous creatures in a legendary world.

You won't want to put this down - Darm Muse

I started this book on a Tuesday and was so engrossed in it I finished it by Wednesday morning. If you play music or just like listening to music (classic rock for this tale) , I definetely recommend it. Through mere words you hear the music in this tale. I am patiently trying to await the sequel.

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Interview: Getting a ghastly peek at Staunton

A disturbing chapter from Staunton’s past turns a darker shade of grey in a new historical fiction/thriller about the eugenic’s movement. Fear the Reaper is local author David Simms’ second novel. The protagonist of Simms book works at “Western Valley Hospital” in 1933 under the supervision of  Dr. Joseph Dejarnette. The story of suspense and […]

Dave Simms will appear at Con Of The Mountain April 18

Dave Simms will be at Con of the Mountain on April 18th, 2015, in Clifton Forge, VA as a special guest. More information can be found at conofthemountain.com. Clifton Forge’s first annual fantasy, science fiction, and comic convention in the scenic historic downtown. Dave will be speaking in a workshop on writing for teens, reluctant […]
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Last year, David Simms made a guest post over at Monster Librarian. Here’s a small excerpt: “My first novel, Dark Muse, was released a few months ago, realizing a lifelong dream. It’s exciting that a publisher enjoyed it enough to sign me, and receiving high praise from both colleagues I respect, and, most importantly, from […]

DARK MUSE has arrived! Enter the Contest & Win!

DARK MUSE has arrived! It is now available (as of June 28th) at FireandIceYA.com and will be set up at Amazon shortly. Follow Muddy Rivers, Poe, Otis, and Corey on their journey into a dark world where music reigns, but also kills. The Accidentals set off to the legendary crossroads on a quest to save […]